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Art Contact is currently associated with over 1000 established and emerging artists in the UK and overseas - painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors and installation artists working in a range of media including textiles, water, light, glass, ceramic, digital and kinetic materials.

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We hold up-to-date details of their work on our database, a dynamic resource which we use in presentations to clients to assist the selection process and, like our sculpture garden, a useful tool when it comes to identifying the most suitable artist for a site-specific commission. We also offer a comprehensive range of limited edition prints, both of contemporary artists and modern masters.

To ensure that we keep in touch with what is happening in the artistic community, we regularly visit artists’ studios and attend the degree shows each year in search of new talent. We are also constantly approached by artists wishing to show their latest work.

Dominic Pote - St. Pauls Cathedral

In addition to the vast collective experience that we bring to each project, we believe that our specialist art knowledge and business savvy allow us to interpret a client’s brief with artistic flair while remaining grounded in commercial reality. Our artistic independence also gives us the freedom to go wherever the project takes us. As part of our service, we are happy to undertake research and source artwork to reflect particular aspects of a business or corporate identity.

Our reputation is based on the quality of the service and support that we provide irrespective of the size and demands of the job. If required, we are able to call on an extensive network of technical experts. We always guarantee to supply work of the highest quality.