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Art Contact was established in 1984 as a consultancy to source and supply artwork for working environments. Since that time, the range of services that we provide has expanded in response to the diverse and changing needs of our clients, to include:

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We aim to work with our clients in the way that suits you best and to guide you through every stage, from planning and funding through to final completion, leaving you with a clear and enjoyable selection process.

This usually starts with a site visit to enable our consultant to assess your detailed needs. Following this initial briefing, we will source appropriate works and present a portfolio of suggestions. We will also advise on the display of the artwork and other related issues, such as lighting and security. Once the selection is finalised, we will organise the purchase, preparation and installation of the work on site, within your time scale and budget.

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Clearly, every project is unique and we draw on our extensive experience to understand and meet the specific requirements of each individual brief.